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Support your lower back and core with a Weight lifting belt. Make the most out of your heavy lifts and see results!

  • Wear a weight lifting belt solve the weak core problem.
  • Strength athletes might use a lifting belt, but just for sets over 85% of 1 more rep and not using in all lifts. Never ever put on a lifting belt while performing an workout which has you lying down or sitting.

Lifting belts will be able to increase intra-abdominal pressure. The intra-abdominal pressure is very good in that will improves spine and also core stability. But It's negative in that will increase blood pressure and also might aggravate hernias.

Lifting belts will help overall performance on lifts heavy involving our lower back. When a lifter is pulling or squatting heavy, a lifting belt might able to increase performance upon all those lifts.

On the other hand, if the workout really does not stress the core/lower back that much - Triceps pushdown, Biceps curls, leg presses, etc. then wearing a lifting belt is actually unnecessary (apart from creating your waist seem smaller and also your shoulders seem bigger).

Over dependence on lifting belts may also weaken our core musculature. Imagine of a belt similar to a crutch - work with it a lot and our muscles no longer respond mainly because the lifting belt is there.

Which being mentioned, folks just like Louie Simmons recommend pushing your abdominal muscles against the lifting belt, in that case lifting belt function may really make your own core more powerful considering that you have some level of resistance - the lifting belt - in order to push against.

However if you are an athlete and also you avoid wear a lifting belt throughout your sports activity, then I might wear a lifting belt sparingly.

Solution to the lifting belt questions:

  1. 1. Don't wear lifting belt on those exercise that doesn't involve the core and lower back a lot, and also please avoid wearing the lifting belt in the changing room and doesn't consider to take it off until he is finish changing of his exercise clothes.
  2. 2. Save the lifting belt with regard to the heavy sets, no matter what the means to you. Regarding warm up sets as well as light workout sets it's usually unnecessary to put on, however for the heavy stuff place it on.
  3. 3. You have to understand how to utilize the lifting belt.

Begin in any regular standing position along with a slightly arch on the lower back in addition to understand how to brace in there. And then move in to more lifting positions.

In case you have any personal injury and also you really feel the lifting belt helps to protect it, just wear it.
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