Ivan Loh - Team MusclesUP

23 Aug 2018
by Musclesup - Service Center
ivan loh
Musclesup Sponsored Athlete Mr. Ivan Loh Wei Jia to represent Maxler as a publicis in Malaysia.


I am a final year undergraduate student pursuing my bachelor’s in Finance and Accounting. I am willing to

expand my knowledge in this field. I am able to be inspired and motivated by new challenges. I anticipate

hurdles and adapts to competitive challenges, I grow with every challenge I overcome, and mature with

accomplishment I accomplish.


Name: Ivan Loh Wei Jia

Nationality: Malaysia

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Height: 172cm

Weight: 83kg


4life Research

Leader (September 2015 – current)
  • Immunex Diet coach. Provide consumers with correct diet advise for slimming.
  • Provide product sharing and product talks to public about company’s product.
  • Provide nutritional formula for detox program.
Freelance Personal Trainer (September 2015 – Present)
  • Provide 1 to 1 Personal training to clients
  • Provide nutritional advise to client on gaining weight or losing weight
  • Provide Posing Practice for Competition purposes.
  • Customized training plans for clients depending on their fitness goals.
  • 5 years of weight training and competition experience.


Part time modelling (25 December 2015)
  • Christmas theme model walk



  • 2017 NBFA Singapore Body Building Up to 80 kg Champion.
  • 2017 NBFA Singapore Body Building Junior Champion
  • 2017 NBFA Singapore Men’s Muscle Model Champion
  • 2017 Mr. Malaysia Men’s Athletic Above 170 cm Top 10
  • 2017 Mr. Penang Above 75 kg 1st Runner Up


  • 2016 NABBA WFF SG Sports Model Junior 1st Runner up
  • 2016 NABBA WFF Body Building Novice 5th Place
  • 2016 Mr. Malaysia Junior 1st Runner up
  • 2016 Mr. Penang below 70 kg 5th Place
  • 2016 Mr. Penang Junior Champion


  • 2015 Mr. Malaysia Junior 6th Place
  • 2015 Mr. Penang below 70kg 4th Place
  • 2015 Mr. Penang Junior 1st Runner up
  • 2015 Mansion 20 modelling competition 2nd Place


  • 2014 Mr. Penang Junior 5th Place


  • Mr. Chung Ling Body Building Championship 2nd Place
  • MSSPP Shot Put 1st Runner up