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Since both Glutamine and BCAA are amino acids that aid in recovery, the product from Maxler BCAA+Glutamine is an indispensable part of supplements for athletes. This product provides your body with its most common and heavily used amino acid: Glutamine. Furthermore, it supplies you three less common, but essential amino acids: Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine – BCAA. Glutamine plays a vital role in preserving muscle and preventing it from entering a catabolic state. BCAA replenish amino acids to build and increase muscles as well as avoid fatigue. Combined with the amazing natural taste, BCAA+Glutamine is a unique source of recovering energy your body needs.

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Vegan Protein was designed for people who don’t consume any products of animal origin. To make both the taste and the consistence flawless, we combined 4 sources of protein: peas, rice, carob and hemp. This blend covers the protein need (21 g of protein per serving) and has a full range of amino acids, including the essential ones (BCAA). Vegan Protein does not contain GMO, lactose and gluten and meets all European quality standards. Vegan Protein can be added in a vegan dish or be mixed as a protein cocktail, which makes the product an irreplaceable element of a vegan diet. The product is available in 2 wonderful flavors: chocolate macarons and apple & cinnamon – nobody will stay indifferent!

From Factor:Powder
Protein Per Serving:21 Gram
Dietary Needs:GM Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free
Ingredient:Plant Protein
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